Yuhan Chemical is doing its best to supply excellent APIs for the healthy lives of people around the world.



    EH&S into Practice

    Yuhan Chemical considers safety and environment as its top priority. We pursue the healthy lives of people and clean environments through human respect and eco-friendly management. In particular, we make every effort to create a safe work environment by introducing the OEL (occupational exposure limits) containment system.


    • Safety

      Safe workers, Safe facility operation
    • Environment

      Create a clean environment,Control chemicals thoroughly
    • Health

      Create a worker-oriented work environment,Manage health continuously
    • Safety Management
      Chemicals Safety Management
      Yuhan Chemical has conducted periodical training for handling chemicals, and installed leakage spread prevention spill ponds, chemicals leak detectors, foam fire extinguishing trailers, disaster prevention equipment and personal protective equipment for emergencies.
      Risk and Safety Management
      Yuhan Chemical practices risk identification and mitigation by conducting a thorough safety check for all facilities in the company, supervising safety requirements for hazardous work and holding a safety committee to prevent accidents.
      Emergency Response Training
      Yuhan Chemical improves responsiveness to emergency situations through a comprehensive fire drill (response/evacuation) in conjunction with local fire departments.
    • Environment Management
      Air Pollution Management
      Yuhan Chemical operates scrubber (air pollution prevention facilities) to minimize air pollution, and periodically conduct air quality measurement to manage pollution level below the legal standard.
      Water Pollution Management
      Yuhan Chemical discharges the waste water generated from production facilities after pre-treatment into the industrial complex’s disposal plant at our own waste water disposal facility.
      Waste Management
      Yuhan Chemical has a waste storage and a liquid waste storage tank, and lawfully dispose the waste through a specialized disposal company. Yuhan Chemical carrys out thorough garbage separation and discharge management to increase the proportion of recyclable waste and lower the proportion of general waste.
    • Health Management
      Employee Health Management
      Yuhan Chemical conducts employment checkups for new employees, biannual medical checkups for employees, and monthly medical consultation through professional health agency.
      Working Environment Management
      Yuhan Chemical monitors potential risks in the through periodic work environment inspection to maintain a safe work environment. In addition, Yuhan Chemical manages our workplace to prevent workers from being exposed to any risks by improving our facility and providing appropriate personal protective gears.
      Risk Management for Musculoskeletal Systems
      Yuhan Chemical conducts investigation to identify the risks to our employees's musculoskeletal system, provides education to prevent musculoskeletal diseases, performs activities to reduce our employees's exposure to heavy lifting and create healthy working environment.