Yuhan Chemical is doing its best to supply excellent APIs for the healthy lives of people around the world.


    Yuhan Chemical has built a pilot facility in its Hwaseong plant suitable for early stage development materials for new drugs,
    incrementally modified drugs, clinical research and drug candidates.

    Yuhan chemical’s pilot facility will provide unlimited growth momentums for all customers

    by providing the latest facilities with the skilled personnel and know-how.

    Value of Yuhan Chemical's Pilot Facility

    • Yuhan Chemical’s pilot facility is a suitable facility for the development of first in Class Innovative New APIs and values the exploring of global markets.
    • Yuhan Chemical has core research capabilities and highly skilled personnel to compete with global pharmaceutical companies.
    • Based on accumulated technologies and experience required to comply with cGMP and develop APIs for new drugs, we offer a successful partnership to our customers preparing worldwide product launch.
    • Yuhan Chemical’s pilot facility, with the support of Yuhan Research Institute, can contribute to continuous growth and development by developing differentiated new products in a timely manner through rapid and specialized technical support.
    • Yuhan Chemical’s pilot facility aims to expand the pipeline of new drugs through open innovation, increase the efficiency of research and development, and contribute to a disease-free society, especially through research on anti-cancer drugs and rare diseases.

    Pilot facility

    Pilot Facility Features

    • By managing it with the same quality system as the existing commercial production facilities, the company has a system that can be quickly switched from small production to commercial production at any time to meet the needs of customers.
    • The pilot production facility continues to expand its competitive edge as a CMO by complying the cGMP requirement.
    • The Pilot production facility is equipped with facilities capable of handling compounds range from 10 μm/m3 to 1 μm/m3 (OEL Category 3A level) and considers safety and environment a top priority.

    Pilot Facility Equipment List

    • OEL Equipment (Category 3A (10 ㎛/m3 ~ 1 ㎛/m3))
    • G/L-Reactors : 100 to 300 liters
    • Hastelloy-C (HC) Reactors : 100 to 300 liters
    • Hastelloy-C (HC) reactor system capable of hydrogen reaction (50 bar)
    • PTS (powder transfer system)
    • Centrifuge
    • TVD (tray vacuum dryer) and FVD (filter vacuum dryer)
    • Nutsche filter