Yuhan Chemical is doing its best to supply excellent APIs for the healthy lives of people around the world.


    • Yuhan Corporation

      Yuhan Corporation was founded by Dr. Ilhan New in 1926 under the conviction that "Only healthy people can regain the lost sovereignty.” Contributing to the improvement of Korea’s national health standards by manufacturing and supplying the best medicine for the people is the company’s founding philosophy. Yuhan Corporation is a parent company of Yuhan Chemical. Homepage
    • Yuhan Kimberly

      Yuhan Corporation founded Yuhan Kimberly in 1970 as a joint venture with Kimberly-Clark, a U.S. global healthcare product company. Yuhan Kimberly has led Korea’s domestic market with hygiene-related product lines for childcare, female, household, skincare and senior-care products. It has also made a great progress in the export market based on its excellent quality. Homepage
    • Yuhan Clorox

      Yuhan Clorox, which was founded in 1975 in cooperation with a U.S. company Clorox, leads the market in high-quality hygiene products such as Yuhanrox, Yuhanrox Fresh, Yuhangen Bleach, etc. Homepage
    • Yuhan Medica

      Yuhan Medica produces and supplies specialized medicine such as Zentel and Tagamet, and is expanding its business scope into health supplements to pursue growth toward a specialized company. Homepage
    • Janssen Korea

      Yuhan Corporation and Johnson & Johnson, a U.S. pharmaceutical company, founded Janssen Korea as a joint venture based on a Belgian company, Janssen Pharmaceutical. It is one of the best Korean pharmaceutical companies supplying the latest prescription drugs such as painkillers, medications for central nervous system disorders, digestive troubles, skin and allergic diseases. Homepage
    • MG

      MG Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in the nutrient infusion solution. It is the first company in Korea to develop 3-chamber bag products. It developed an infusion solution manufacturing technology for immune-boosting concept medicine including MG combi Injection and Lipid LCT, which is a fat emulsion, and has successfully launched its products to both domestic and export markets. Homepage
    • Ucarlix

      Ucarlix is the first company in Korea leading the restroom environment and hygiene management field. It has focused on hygiene management solutions for restroom such as Calmic Unit, which is a cleaner for restroom, air freshener, foam soaps, hand sanitizer and seat cleaner. Homepage
    • G.T.B.L

      G.T.B.L, which is a joint venture in India, produces and supplies fine chemicals such as Rifampicin and Rifa-S locally.